Black Casting Couch

The existence of black gay male models has been a contentious issue in the world of gay fashion. However, in the last two years the black gay male model has really gained ground. And it’s becoming much more common to see an image of black gay male models in men’s magazines and catalogs. It’s this rise in black gay male modeling that has given rise to the idea of black gay casting couch. A term referring to a black gay male model finding work in which he will be on display for members of the gay community to view. This has brought about much debate in the black gay community about its role in society. Especially in the black gay male community where many consider their gayness to be a form of black pride.

Black gay model concept

The concept of a black gay male model first became public knowledge in the mid 90s with the emergence of the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Magazine. Back then the term “couch” had not been used to refer to a gay person. But rather leather chairs that the gay community would use to get kinky. Around this same time the X-file came out. And this refers to a form of adult pornography that was filmed on tape. As the use of the term “couch” spread it also brought about confusion in the black gay community. Because they were being described as using a sex toy instead of a chair. Recently, however, the usage of the word “couch” is not taken quite so seriously any longer. And is now usually referred to when one mentions black gay people on TV. Or in a conversation over the internet.

In light of this controversy many black gay casting couch seekers are turning to the internet for the perfect black gay casting couch. There are many black gay modeling agencies that are online and can help black gay people looking for work to find suitable models to model for them. Another option is to use black gay bars that have become popular in cities across the country, such as New York, Chicago, or St Louis where gay nightlife is very popular and accepted. By using these two options one can find black gay casting couch opportunities anywhere in the country.